Coaching Heads
A Solution-Focused Coaching Service for Headteachers.
Why Coaching? Why Us?

Confidential, customised, solution-focused approach
tailored to your needs.

 A systems approach for fast, effective, long-lasting change
designed to enhance your performance and wellbeing.

Helps you better manage your time, your staff, yourself,
building on existing resources and providing you with more
tools for the toolbox.

 Energising approach designed to help you overcome
problems and be even more effective – you don’t have
to be ill to get better!

Helping you discover the differences that makes the difference.

Coaching you in the patterns of persuasion engineering and
helping you see staff and pupil metaprograms and motivation
patterns and to best influence them positively and ethically.

Our approach combines mentoring, consulting and coaching.

 Mentoring is provided from experience gained from leadership
roles in schools, particularly those with significant challenges.
30 years experience as a Headteacher and Teacher.

 Coaching is provided from skills gained from training
and experience gained in the facilitation of long-lasting
self motivated change for individuals.

Training undertaken includes:
• NCSL New Visions (2003)
• LPSH for experienced school leaders (2006)
• Transformational Change within Systems (The Grubb Institute 2005)

Consultancy is provided from experience gained in assisting
leaders to develop organisational, practices, policies,
processes and structures in my current and previous roles
of Parent Partnership and as Project Manager of Project
Manager for English as an Additional Language

What’s in the Toolkit?

 Theoretical knowledge gained from leadership
and change management training.

Practical experience of leading and managing systemic change.

 NLP (the difference that makes the difference) an array
of techniques including skilful use of language patterns
and guided visualisation designed to programme
the mind to achieve positive outcomes.

 NLP Master - Neuro Linguistic Programming (2006)

 EFT – Works using energy lines in the body to achieve
self-management of anxieties and negative physical
reactions within the body to environmental stress.

EFT Advanced Practitioner.

 Energy Psychology Practitioner: Emotional Freedom Technique
– incorporates systemic thinking as does NLP (2006)

Member of The British Psychological Society’s Coaching Division

What Exactly is…..?
Coaching: A process of
learning which enables the
development of skills, knowledge
and abilities and which draws on
the individuals innate capacities
and talents.
Mentoring: Assistance provided
by someone who has considerable
experience of the role the
person being mentored and
can use this to help that person
make significant transitions in
knowledge and thinking.
Consultancy: A more strategic
role, developing an organisation
rather than and individual and it
focuses on the development of
practices, processes and structure.
What our Clients say
“Having the opportunity ot
look back and evaluate what
we have achieved so far –
what a long way we have
come, and that we know
what we want to do next”.
"A great benefit. Thank you”.
“Being made aware of what
I am doing well already.”
“Feeling much more confident,
very supportive.”
“A very good experience,
confirms what I already do
and gives me new ideas.”
“You are inspiring, motivating,
and I have so enjoyed working
with you.”