Eithne has worked as a consultant and writer for, local authorities, mainstream and special schools, professional associations and the Department for Education.
Consultancy: Working with the National Strategies Primary School improvement in a regional advisory role providing support to local authorities in London, East and East Midlands and the South East.
Local authorities: Northamptonshire, Hounslow, Slough, Hillingdon, Waltham Forest, providing school improvement services, primary and special school assessment and moderation, governor training, Interim SEND and Looked after children services.
Multi Academy Trusts covering East of England and north east London
Providing school improvement services, performance management support to Trustees and Academy Councils for headteachers and CEOs. Governor and MAT reviews.
[2007 - Present Day]

Providing seminars for head teachers and other Senior Managers and middle leaders on School Improvement and involving parents in the work of schools; this includes work on primary assessment, looked after children, school self evaluation, school improvement planning, developing a communication strategy and working with parents. For governors a range of training including effective use of pupil premium funding, Equalities Act, Well-being and Mental Health, SEND Responsibilities.
[2002 - Present Day]

  1. Northamptonshire Advisory Service, Whole School Improvement Adviser
    [2009/10 and 2003]
  2. Hounslow Local Authority. School improvement adviser and moderation manager initially. Then consultant for moderation and currently as QA for Peer Challenge programme
    [2010 – 2011 initially and then 2013 -current]
  3. Slough Local Authority; Various roles including -School improvement adviser, Vulnerable Learners Achievement, Interim SEND assistant manager, Moderation Manager (KS1 & KS2)
    [2011 – 2017]
  4. Waltham Forest Local Authority: 2012 – 2017 School Effectiveness Adviser, Moderation Manager (KS1 and KS2)
    [2012 – 2017]
  5. Camden: Commissioned to review of Primary and Secondary PRU provision regarding: interdisciplinary (multi-agency) resource required to meet needs of students; lines of recruitment and management of multiagency staff: and lines of communication with other agencies.
    [ Oct 2015 & 2016]
  6. Norfolk: Challenge Partner
    [2013 – 2014]
  7. Hillingdon – Governor training, SEND, Equalities Act, Well-Being and Mental health.
  8. Multi Academy Trusts, catering for AP, Special and Primary schools in the East of England and North East London.
  • School Improvement
  • Home-school links and community involvement
  • Behaviour Support
  • Use of NLP strategies in the classroom
  • Coaching for school leaders
  • School Improvement Planning
  • Support for School Self Evaluation
  • School Data interpretation and presentation
  • Policy writing and development
  • Coaching
  • Training for school leaders and governors
  • Research
  • Evaluation of Services/projects
  • Services, strategies and evaluation of support for pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs.
  • Solution focused, problem solving service development work