Core Values
ELA has a commitment to providing a high quality, value driven
service to our clients. We aim to build confidence and skills
of individuals and facilitate transformational change in organisations
leaving a lasting legacy.

Service Aims

  • To provide high quality learning opportunities tailored to the particular needs of individuals and organisations;
  • To enable organisations to systematically review and develop services and policies to meet the needs of their distinctive client groups.

Service Objective/ Core Purpose

  • To develop the capacity of individuals and organisations for leadership, learning and service development.

Beliefs and Values

  •  Achievement, aptitude and ability; providing high quality learning experiences for clients and the children they serve.
  •  Continuity and progression; enabling clients to develop services which focus on the future and which take into account the long term as well as short term needs of their organisations and the communities they serve.
  •  Building capacity; building on the unique talents, knowledge and skills of clients and their organisations, identifying strengths rather than focusing on difficulties or deficits.
  •  Partnership and interdependency; working with clients and other partners so that the strengths and contributions of each are identified and employed to effect positive change and progression.
  •  Educational and social inclusion; supporting the development of services that include children and their families educationally and socially within their local communities.
  •  Equality of opportunity; supporting clients to develop services which are non-discriminatory, fair to all and which value individuals and their communities and are positive about difference.
  •  Child and family centred; supporting clients to develop services that are child and family centred, that provide choices and meet needs.
  •  Transparency and accountability; working openly and accepting challenge from partners who have an interest and commitment to the development of high quality services.
Our Commitment
To provide services that are:
  • High quality and skilfully tailored to needs
  • Solution focused and build capacity
  • Aspirational about achievement and learning
  • Attend to continuity and progression
  • Visionary in scope
  • Inspire and develop leadership skills in others
  • Transparent and accountable
  • Inclusive and child and family centred
  • Effective in building partnerships and harnessing contributions of others