Establishing Effective Home-School Relationships
is a publication offering insight into crucial
Teacher-Parent-Pupil rapport and relationships.

Accomplished headteacher, consultant, trainer and writer
Eithne Leming has release her latest insight into the complex
world between teacher, parent and pupil.

Undertaking substantial research and first-hand experience
within the current education system as school improvement
and behaviour support advisor/consultant, headteacher,
teacher and trainer.

The book itself features a comprehensive range of practical tips
and strategies, based on evidence of what works, such as:

Home-school communication including ways
of creating favourable first impressions.

Parental involvement in pupil learning,
including engaging and involving fathers.

Dealing with difficult situations, such as delivering bad news.

Working with parents of pupils with behavioural
and special educational needs.

Gaining and responding to parental views including
collection of evidence for school self evaluation.

"This book is a vital part of every schools journey towards excellence.

Authoritative and comprehensive, Eithne Leming has tackled both
the straightforward and difficult issue involved in working with parents.
A glance at the contents indicates the encyclopaedic span of the book;
from the outset, this is enhanced by strong, clear advice.

Above all, the book is practical. It will enable good practice through
its accessible format: checklists of longines watches effective working, action plans
and straightforward suggestions will provide a mirror for reflection.

Drawing on extensive research in the UK and overseas, reflecting
current legislation, and rooted in the experience of a professional
who has worked in many differing environments and above all been
in the situations described, there is swiss rolex guidance and sympathetic
understanding that is the hallmark of good sense.

What to do, what to say, how to react, and how to achieve good
practice, Eithne Leming’s light touch and respectful approach
will encourage and stimulate professionals’ thinking in schools
and the wider educational community.

Most importantly, it is young people who will be
the main beneficiaries of replica watches this excellent book".

Richard Fawcett
Author and Education Consultant.
Former Secondary School Headteacher
Establishing Effective
Home-School Relationships
The publication is priced at £13.25
(Price includes Post and Packaging)
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